‘ere we go…

2014 was a year of self assesment, and one of the things I have discovered about myself is that I have something to say. So I’m going to try this out.  Mostly, I am planning on just posting about things of interest to myself.  This is not going to be a news blog.  Most posts will probably be about anime, manga, or table top wargaming.  I will post an occasional rant or comment on current events, but that is not my mission here.


So, a brief rundown on the state of my anime vewiership.  Currently I am watching Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (ep8) and When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace (ep6).  Nozaki-kun is the funniest thing I have seen in a long while.  It’s hard to say anythng specific about it at this point, except that it is comedy gold.  Supernatural Battles is ok so far, but indicates it might be aiming for real romantic tension behind the Chunni/Harem shtick.

I also recently finished Trinity 7 and Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.  Trinity 7 was a disappointment, but it’s hard to nail down why.  Partially, I think it comes from the series being burdened by over the top fan service.  This made watching it a solitary experience, as I would have been uncomfortable watcing it with my wife and 13 year old daughter.  This was less a probelm for the manga, because reading manga is a solitary experience for the most part.  Anime is definitely more enjoyable when shared.  Trinity Seven just failed to elevate the source material.  The girls were cute, the protag was refreshingly honest, but the storytelling just lacked impact.  Fan service fests like this typically do OK in BD sales, so maybe we will get to see another season.  It would be nice to see enjoyable manga turned into an enjoyable anime.

Fate/Stay left me conflicted.  It was certainly easy on the eyes.  The action was great and the characters were likeable, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.  Shirou’s tsundere routine has started to grate on me and Saber getting shuffled to the background is a waste of potential drama.  Those are small issues though.  It’s hard to pin down my issue with Fate/Stay.  I think it is just a matter of inefficiency.  Whether it is because they are trying to stretch the material (which makes Saber’s lack of development even harder to understand), or are just stuggling with pacing, I just don’t feel like I got a season’s worth of entertainment out of the show.  With a couple of double episodes as an advantage, this is kind of hard to understand.  I am eagerly anticipating April and the next season, but wish that this season had been a bit more filling.

Manga and Light Novels:

Ana Satsujin has delivered it’s weekly dose of WTF?  Any literature purist would pick this whole manga to pieces.  It doesn’t matter though because I am entertained, and that’s why I read manga after all.  I do get the feeling that it is winding done though.  All things must end I guess.

Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!, Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou, and Hantsu x Torashu are seeing some more translated pages, which makes me happy.  I find Kaichou and Houhou to be delightfully raunchy rom-coms.  Both push the limits, but manage to cram in some sweet moments and plot points to keep things interesting.  Hantsu x Torashu seems to be mirroring the protags journey from common pervert to reluctant playboy.  Easy to dismiss as a fan service fest, Hamaji’s evolution from ne’er do well to big man on campus has churned out some delicious drama amongst the pantsu.  I only hope that at some point we will get translations of the 20+ chapters that got skipped.

I also recently read chapter 10 of Yahari ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru  (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU), also known as Oregairu.  I don’t read many light novels, but this is a title that is in serious contention for my all time favorite.  https://kyakka.wordpress.com/ has done a fabulous job of translating the chapter quickly.  With the hype train gathering steam as we approach April’s season 2 start, I just couldn’t resist the urge to spoil myself with another chapter.  The relationship’s of the characters continue their slow burn in this volume, and I have to wonder whether we will se 2 more volumes or just one.  I expect that the ending will be timed to coincide with the end of the anime.  I hope the ending is worthy of the work.





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