What Will Get Me to Buy More Games Workshop Stuff in 2015 Part I

I was going to name this “What I Want from Games Workshop in 2015,” but I am well aware that Games Workshop does not care what I want.  They don’t really seem to really care what will get me to buy their products either, but I do know from their pricing that they do care an awful lot about money.  Particularly if it can be made without much in the way of cost (Honestly GW, who charges for wallpaper anymore?)

Doesn’t work as well outside of college


Talk to any Dark Angels player and they will tell you that Codex: Dark Angels looks like it was written the night before it was due. Rumor has it that 2015 will bring this cycle of  army rules releases full circle, and a Dark Angels codex is on the horizon.  There are a few models I would like to buy and field, but I need rules that make sense.  Some things I would like to see fixed that would get me to spend more money.

1.  Make the differences between the Dark Angels and Space Marine Codex make sense.  In other words, edit the book before you print it. 

The 6th Edition Dark Angels Codex appears to have been the rough draft for the Space Marine Codex that came after.  We’ve been waiting for corrections to our codex for some time, and now it appears that you are writing another one instead.  Don’t do it.  Get some new artwork, release some new kits (see below), and just make the 6th Edition codex makes sense.  Maybe add that Interromancy discipline that was mentioned the Advent Calendar Formation and call it a day.  What I don’t want is another set of inexplicable rules that are at best, just different to be different.  Why can’t my Apothecary shoot a gun or my Deathwing Sergeant use a Thunder Hammer, for example.

2.  Cut points costs

If you are going to make things different/inferior to Space Marines, make them cost less.  You don’t have to give us grav-guns if you make Plasma better/cheaper.  If you are going to give us our own special fliers, then don’t over cost them by 40-50 points.  If our bikers aren’t going to get Skilled Rider then they should be cheaper, not more expensive then the Space Marine ones that do.

3. Tacticals and Ravenwing Squads need their own and new boxes, respectively.

Blood Angels got one. Grey Hunters have one.  Ignore the moaning from the Blood Angels players, I want all the bits and bobs that come with a Tacticals box to Dark Angelize all the other units that currently use Vanilla Space Marine boxes, like Devastators and Assault Marines.  I’m tired of having to freehand the wings on my shoulder pads, dammit!

The old Ravenwing models were fine when 3 upgrade sprues came in that sweet Ravenwing Battleforce box.  You don’t sell that anymore, so if you want my money, update the bike frames and the little wingding thing on the back and bring them in line with the Black Knights and Dark Vengeance bikes.  Those bikes are making the current ones look bad.

4. Make an HQ on a bike kit.

Conversions are fun, but a kit that could be used to make Chaplains, Captains, Chapter Masters, Librarians and any other HQ choice that can take a bike would be very welcome.

So please GW, take my money.  I’m not asking for much.  I will buy a Nephlim if you give it decent rules and maybe one of the pimped out land speeders too.  Just don’t rain on my parade by having the Space Marine codex make the DA one look like crap again.  Not everybody runs out and buys every kit you release the day you release it.  I’ll give you my money, but your going to have to write rules that will still look decent when I am ready (and can afford) to give it to you.



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