Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun – Review

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is, in a word, hilarious. Even without knowledge of the shojo manga genre it lampoons, you will be hard pressed to keep a straight face in any of the episodes. Move over Karino Takatsu (Working!, Servant x Service), Izumi Tsubaki has arrived. (Well, to be fair, he has already been around for a while)  MGNs basic gag is a gender role flip, but it manages much more than that.  The show makes you laugh at whatever it decides to make you laugh at.  Although nominally a romcom, he amount of romance in the show is dwarfed by amount of tanukis, one of the show’s better reoccurring jokes.  Somehow, though, MGN still seems refreshingly sweet.  The show is definitely not afraid of sight gags, like the one in the above picture, but most of they comedy is cleverer stuff.  I hope we get another season.

8 out of 10


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