When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace – Review

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace has identity issues.  Things start off with an MC that has Chunibyo, and a club that tolerates him.  From there it morphs into a club full of superpowers, and then plunges headlong into standard harem stuff.  WSBBC is at it’s best when it isn’t taking itself too seriously.  Unfortunately, that light heartedness doesn’t last very long.  After the first couple of episodes, the show makes some earnest, but ineffective attempts to show us why the girls all love the MC.  When done with the romance it plunges on with some action for the show’s last few episodes.  I get the feeling that there might actually be a decent story here.  The way the show is set up, however, at first tries to tell us the story instead of showing it to us and then tries to show us the “baddies” instead of explaining their actions.  There is some mention of fairy warfare, but that is as much a back story as the producers have decided to show us.

WSBBC has it’s moments.  When the childhood friend goes off on the MC was a great scene, and the first and tenth episodes were pretty funny.  I have a feeling the light novels told the story better, but the anime wasn’t good enough for me to seek out translations.  The producers seem to have bet on getting another season to tell the story they were obviously building towards.  Stranger things have happened, but this anime hasn’t earned it.   There are a number of shows around that do a better job of everything WSBBC tries to do.  Not recommended for anyone that isn’t a fan of the supernatural harem genre.

6 out of 10





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