On My Table


Sorry, about the awful picture, I will take some better ones once they are done.  My current project is a Dark Hunters (White Scars Chapter Tactics) Honour Guard.

Dark Hunters Color Scheme, 4th Company


These guys are going in a drop pod with Azrael, where they will be dropped into the thick of things to take advantage of their Artificer Armour, Power Weapons, and extra attacks.  The two should synergize well on the tabletop, with Azrael giving the Honour Guard a 4+ invulnerable save and Furious Charge.  I am using the Sternguard kit as a base with some pieces from the Space Marine Command Squad kit.  I wanted to give the Chapter Champion an axe, since the Dark Hunters heraldry includes an Axe.  Since my Chapter Master already uses a double blade power axe, I needed something different.  I ended up using a Deathwing Halberd and cutting it down.  I am quite happy with them so far.Next up is a  Dark Hunters Chapter Master on a bike and a Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain on a bike.

My birthday is just around the corner, and I have been torn between getting more 40k models that I will probably not get to until sometime next year, getting terrain pieces, or replacing my Malifaux models with the new plastics.  I don’t have a large budget for this hobby, so Christmas and my birthday are where the majority of my models come from.  I’m leaning toward the terrain, as I can use that for multiple games.


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