What Will Get Me to Buy More Games Workshop Stuff in 2015 Part II

Continuing from https://wellspokenman.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/what-will-get-me-to-buy-more-games-workshop-stuff-in-2015/ there is more than just Dark Angels in my 40k world.  If part 1 was how Games Workshop could get a little bit more of my money, this would be how they could break me.

I never mentioned in part one that I picked up Dark Vengeance, but that is where my Dark Angels force started.  I also got a bunch of Chaos Space Marine stuff, that has been sitting at the bottom of my closet ever since.  The Chaos Space Marine Codex was confusing for a beginner, and who wants to play the bad guys anyway.  Well, it turns out I do.  After reading a few of the Horus Heresy books and Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, I realized just how deep and rich the background for the “Bad Guys” is.  Unfortunately, the CSM codex doesn’t really make sense, for gameplay or fluff.  So here it goes GW, here is how to bankrupt me:

1. A Bit More Flavor

Each of the 9 original loyalist chapters have either their own codex or at least their own chapter tactics.  Of the 9 original traitor legions, only one has a supplement. The rest share the codex with the newer to chaos renegades.  I would love to field Thousand Sons or Night Lords, but I need some flavor beyond the paint to go with these.  If you aren’t going to give them their own books, at least give them some kind of chapter tactic equivalent.

2. Close the Traitor/Loyalist gap

Echoing the siilar request I made for my Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines should have either the same options or different versions of the options the Space Marines get.  There are too many cases where CSM simply doesn’t get access to capabilities their primary opponents have.  At least give them drop pods.

3. New Models

The Dark Vengeance Chosen were sweet, please give the rest of the CSM line that same attention to detail.  The regular Chaos Space Marine kit is meh, Khorne Berzerkers kit is embarrassing and Thousand Sons still only have a resin upgrade sprue.  I won’t even go into how hard it is to actually make Thousand Sons using that pack.

4. Get Rid of the Random

Rolling on a bunch of tables makes it really hard to make tactical plans and it breaks the immersion that makes the game cool.  There has to be a better way to capture the capricious nature of the dark gods than making me roll a die and check a table.

I know you guys at GW are looking for ways to boost sales, and I can tell you that those models combined with those rule changes will definitely improve your sales in this line.  You’ve gone through the trouble of making the background story engaging, it’s time you put the product out to match.


Bonus: Make Some Decent Sisters of Battle Minis

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I will pick up an entire SoB army.  I don’t have the time or the money for that.  Make good models though and I will buy a few to use as an ally.  I will also stop making the jokes that you guys in Nottingham can’t sculpt women because they won’t let you get close to them.  Everybody wins!


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