Anime Power Rankings – Week 2 Winter 2015

Anime Power Rankings, Winter 2015 week 2:

1. Durarara!

2. Assassination Classroom

3. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

4. Testament of Sister New Devil

5. KanColle

Unranked. Isuca

Not a great week.  I’ve decided against adding Rolling Girls, not because I think the show won’t be good, but because it’s on Funimation.  That is also the reason that I was so late to post this, since I didn’t see Assasination Classroom until after the weekend.  I can’t get the app to work properly, so it has to be watched on a computer.  It’s very frustrating.  The iPhone app issues and the lack of an AppleTV app seriously hinder my opportunities to watch Funimation shows.

I am enjoying Durarara! the most so far.  The twins seem to be very interesting characters.  I’m not sure that Durarara! needed anymore interesting characters, but based on the first season, I trust the show will deliver if I give it enough time.  Still needs more Russian sushi.

Saekano was less than it could have been, but still has me intrigued.  The dynamic seems to be shaping up to be the two high spec girls chasing the protag, while he chases the “normal” girl.  I am expecting this show to be clever.  It has a good pedigree.  I am simultaneously relieved and disappointed that so many reviewers seem to have dropped the show.  Harem shows generally get picked apart mercilessly, so less people watching it will help me enjoy the show more.  The snap judgements irritated me a bit, though.

Testament gets one more week.  It’s been unimpressive so far, but the set up is done and the action should be starting.  I could write a long list about what bothered me about the episode, but instead I’ll just say that it could use a lot more polish in a lot of areas.

KanColle is hanging by a thread, and the only reason I haven’t dropped it is it’s on Crunchyroll.  If the cute girls get sent to baths when they are sunk, and the “bad guys” die, then there is no risk involed at all.   Even without the cutesy combat drawback, there isn’t enough here to really make a decent show.  Unless this week’s episode is awesome it is dropped.

I also tried out Death Parade, because it was getting rave reviews.  (although sometimes from the people who seem to love KanColle).  It wasn’t terrible.  However, I felt it was pandering in much the same way as a fan service laden skinfest, but to those who desire physical and emotional pain in their shows.  The 25 minute episode format doesn’t lend itself to creating a self contained psychological drama, and Death Parade would have better if it wasn’t so intent on getting everythng into a neat little package.  What we got instead was the highlights.  Perhaps it just isn’t my thing, but I decided not to pick it up.  Too light on story and trying too hard to be “dark” for my tastes.

I have been catching up on Shiro Bako, which I have been enjoying.  I have decided not to rank continuing seasons, since they have an unfair advantage.  I will mention them in my rankings though.  Shiro Bako has been just the righ mix of humor, light drama, and an interesting topic.  I hope it’s setting the stage, because I feel the setting and characters are robust enough for more than the show is asking of them so far.  I am only 6 episodes in, so there is plenty of time for the show to reach new heights.



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