Weekly Wrap Up and Rankings for Week 3

Is it Spring yet?  Wow, that was an awful week.  The shows this season are not blowing me away.  I know the Spring season is stacked, so I guess I’ll just have to muddle through until I can watch the good stuff.  Out of 6 shows, 2 are already dropped and 2 more are on the verge.

Anime Power Rankings, Winter 2015 week 3:

1. Durarara! x2

Durarara! x2 is not running away with things.  It’s been solid and what I expected from the show.  However, it is still solidly in first because it’s not falling off as fast as the others.

2. Assassination Classroom (through episode 2)

Delays and how late it is in the week put me behind on AC again.  Honestly though, the show would need a really horrible episode to fall out of second.  The gap between second and third is huge.

3. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

I am hoping that the show gets done with the boring introduction episodes and gets on with a story.  I am also hoping it tones down the meta humor.

4. KanColle

Nearly dropped, but if KanColle really deals with the grief and loss the ship girls would be struggling with here, I will keep watching.  If it doesn’t then I am done.

5. Testament of Sister New Devil (dropped)

This show didn’t have to be this bad.  It really didn’t.  From what I have read of the manga, there is a decent story here, it just seems like the adaptation was done by 13 year olds.  There was plenty of fan service inherent in the story.  Taking it to the next level was a bad move.

6. Isuca (dropped)

That was the worst first episode I have seen in a long time.  I had to go back and re-read the first chapter of the manga because I didn’t remember it being that awful.  It wasn’t.  The story was altered to add as much clichéd fan service crap that you can fit into 25 minutes.  How much crap did they stuff in?  The first episode of the anime didn’t even manage to get to the end of first chapter of the manga.  Also, at no point in the manga do I remember anybody getting their life force sucked out by being forced to orgasm.  I rarely drop a show after one episode, but this one is gone.


So, the same week I drop two horrible adaptations, I find out that two mangas I follow, Jitsu wa Watashi wa and Okusama ga Seitokaichō!, are getting animated.  I can’t say I am that excited for either of these.  Jitsu wa Watashi wa is quite funny, but it’s humor will really require some vision to work on the screen.  Okusama ga Seitokaichō! is a raunchy comedy, but I can’t really trust studios to get a show like this right.  There is a fine line between funny and creepy here, and I have my doubts that this will be done well.




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