Mission Impossible


So I have decided to dip my toes in the world of competitive 40k.  The Dark Star GT on the first weekend in May is my target.  The problem is, as you can see from the fuzzy picture (apparently wordpress hates cell phone cameras), my chosen army is not even completely assembled and isn’t even primed.  Can I get this done in 2 months and still get in enough play time to test my list?  Probably not.  Since, as we’ve all learned from Youtube, failure is entertaining, I’m going to chronicle my efforts.

Step 1a – Assembly and purchases.

I chose my Imperial Guard because it is largely assembled.  My Ravenwing/White Scars list on the other hand, still have numerous units that are still unassembled in little zip lock bags.  I still need to get the Priest, Techmarine, Azrael, and some bits, but for the most part I have everything I need.  I have to magnetize the LR sponsons and dozer blades, assemble a handful of infantry, and complete the Vendettas.  I need to get this done asap, so that the army will be in a playable (albeit ugly state).

Step 1b – Know thy enemy and know thyself

Most of my attention has been on my Dark Angels over the last year and I am nowhere near familiar enough with my AM codex.  I do have a general grasp of things, but I have not really picked through it in detail.  Any free moment that I do not spend with my models needs to be spent going over my codex.  I also need to read up on the codexes that I will be seeing.  So far the most popular codex in the registration list seems to be Eldar (surprise!) followed closely by Tyranids and Space Marines (probably White Scar lists).  I’ll probably look at Necrons too when I have the chance.

Next up will be step 2 priming and, hopefully, playtesting and tweaking the list.


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