Still Watching Anime

I know my posts have suddenly tilted towards wargaming, but I’m still keeping up with this season’s shows.  As we enter the home stretch, there isn’t really a whole lot to say.  There will be no further drops or adds and I’ve pretty much made me opionions on these shows clear.

Durarara! x2, Assasination Classroom, and Shiro Bako are all still going well.  Durarara! in particular seems to be gaining momentum.  Shiro Bako took a week to do some flashbacks and explanations, but those were needed.  Saekano continues to improve and at same time irritate me that we didn’t have this episode weeks ago.  With 5 episodes left they have to introduce 2 new characters, the cousin and another girl that we see in the Op/Ed.  We also could use some time spent on Eriri’s and Tomoya’s backstory.  The clock is running out on a coherent end to the series, and I fear that those of us that waited out the less than stellar episodes that started the season are going to be rewarded with a thrown together end or worse, no end at all.



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