Still here!


So, between a week-long outbreak of hives, unseasonably warm weather, a lackluster season of anime, and a bit of burnout from the general negativity of the internet, I haven’t taken the time to make a decent post.  In fact, I am also behind on my anime viewing and woefully behind schedule on my attempts to make at least on of my 40K factions tournament ready.

The hives are mostly gone now, normal March weather has returned to Minnesota complete with snow, I am trying to wrap up the shows I’m watching, and I am fighting back against the eternal struggle with both my “get off my lawn” mentality and the preponderance of inane unsupported opinion wafting around the internet at any given time.

I’ve been reminded why I am not a true geek over the last month or so.  I grew up too poor, and in too dangerous a neighborhood, to understand people whose entire world is built around anime, comic books, and collectible card games.  Add in a glimpse of the life and death that the undeveloped world faces everyday, sprinkle it all with some PTSD and difficulty adjusting to civilian life and you have a guy who gets really, really angry sometimes.  Leaving aside my personal issues with most of the developed world’s lack of perspective, the couple of legitimate complaints I have about the anime community I feel are still valid.  However, I realize that continuing to berate people for being themselves will just make us all unhappy.

(That being said, please, for the love of god and all that is holy, please stop using  generic as a negative descriptor.  It’s a lazy adjective, as it doesn’t actually describe anything except as being what it is.

The term generic in a nutshell

If it’s boring, then say it’s boring.  If there is something wrong with it then say what it is.  Saying that it’s  a representative of it’s genre and saying that is why it is bad just tells me that you didn’t like the type of show that it was and makes me wonder if you were biased against it from the beginning.)

So, having decided not to let the bastards, or the weather, get me down, I have resolved to push on.  Some  of my favorite generic harem protagonists are returning or making the jump from  manga to anime, and I look forward to discussing my favorite haremshit from the upcoming season.

Life is good.  Anime has come a long way from buying $30 VHS tapes ($45 dollars in today’s money) to get one or maybe two episodes of a show you had to buy to watch.  If the price of that is a lot of candy ass whining on the internet, so be it.



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