Anime Power Rankings – Week 3 Spring 2015

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too

Perhaps the abundance of High School based animes would be more tolerable if the characters actually acted like High Schoolers.  Yukina is angry at Hachiman for not thinking more of himself but doesn’t know how to say it.  Hachiman is suffering because the barriers that he has put up himself are keeping his friends way.  Yui is unhappy with how things are but has no clue how to get everybody back together.  I remember all this stuff.  How much we all suck at relationships of any kind at that age.  SNAFU continues to hit it out of the park, and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

2. Plastic Memories

The Steins; Gate pedigree really showed up in this episodes humor.  Humor was never the best thing about Steins; Gate.  It was just used to take the edge off the story.  Plastic Memories has fallen back into normal territory by taking too long to get to the heart of the matter and start dealing with it.  It’s still the best of the rest, but it needs to regain the balance of the first episode to have a shot at the top spot.

3. Yamada and the Seven Witches

I really wish this had been given more episodes, but the rushed feeling has dissipated somewhat.  Behind the zaniness, the show is surprisingly clever.  It’s done a good job of showing us so far that everyone has issues they are dealing with.  The quality of the voice acting is another thing worth watching the show for.  Each VA has done an amazing job at conveying the body swap mechanic.  It will be interesting to see how well they keep that up as the cast gets bigger.

4. Is it Wrong to Pick Up girls in a Dungeon?

This is staying surprisingly sweet and fresh while going over well-worn territory.  Something interesting is that Hestia is the goddess of the family in Greek Mythology.  The irony of her only having Bell is something the show may play on later.  All in all the show has been good mindless fun.  As long as the misogyny and fan service don’t get too out of control, I expect it will stay in the middle of the pack.

5. Fate/Stay: UBW

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse now, but I have gotten tired of this show stretching things out.  The last episode was nice to look at, but it spent it’s time telling us about a character and then killing her off.  Halfway through the show and with the main characters in crisis is not when I feel they should be giving us everybody’s back story.

6. Nisekoi 2

So far Nisekoi has been pretty meh.  Paula is my least favorite character, and while I suppose she needed to be introduced, it still made for a pretty boring episode.  Nisekoi has bigger fish to fry and needs to get cookin’.  Hopefully this week will bring Chitoge’s mom’s arc and Raku will get the fleshing out he needs to show he deserves all this feminine attention.  If not I will rage.  I’m getting tired of waiting for what is one of the best arcs in Nisekoi to begin.

7. Sound! Euphonium

Asuka Tanaka and her enthusiasm are keeping this show (and apparently the band) afloat.  Without her making me chuckle, I would have dropped the show.  It is still moving in a painfully slow and obtuse way.  It just feels like everyone is making things way harder than they need to be.  Even for high school the drama seems contrived.  Hopefully they will move things along soon.

8. Triage X

This might be the only harem I can remember where I like the MC more than the girls.  This show isn’t very good.  It’s not even as good as the manga which isn’t very good.  It is, however,  entertaining.  Perhaps it’s nostalgia for the days when bouncy boobs and grotesque violence were major draws to anime.  This is a pandering mess, but unlike recent pandering messes, it is staying watchable.  At least it is for now.

On Hold – Heroic Legend of Arslan

I don’t dislike this show, it is just the same old difficulties in watching Funimation.  Because the Funimation app doesn’t take my internet speed into account like the Crunchyroll one does, Funimation shows are very difficult to watch on public wifi.  I do a fair amount of watching on the bus, so this is a major drawback.  I can only watch Funi on my TV if I mirror my phone, a method that also doesn’t always work properly.  It all ends up with Funimation shows being better for binge watching than keeping up with weekly.  Sorry Arslan, you’ve been put on the back burner through no fault of your own.

Dropped – Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

I’ve said enough about this show.  JC Staff, I am dissapoint.




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