Anime Power Rankings – Week 4 Spring 2015


  1. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too

This week’s episode was difficult to watch at times, but the quality is still there. Watching Hayama be the bad guy for Hachiman’s sake should have been an eye opener for our protagonist. Now he will have to save Yukino and Yui from themselves without sacrificing himself in the process. Hachiman is smart enough to do this though; he’s just never been pushed. He’s always been able to take the low road to get things done. Also, I’m eagerly anticipating the moment that Yui and Yukino realize their guy is showing up on the radar of other girls. Iroha in particular looks to be trouble.

  1. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories got its groove back. After some comic relief in the last two episodes, this one was a gut punch. This show hurts so good though. I hope they don’t overdo it to the point it starts to feel cheap, but the series seems to be at its best when tackling something heavy. Most other seasons this show would easily take the top spot.

  1.  Yamada and the Seven Witches

There are hints at some romance in the show before this, but now we have confirmation. Pulling off a believable romantic subplot in a show that is basically about the MC kissing everybody a bunch of people is quite a feat. So far they are doing a great job.

  1. Sound! Euphonium

Sound! needed this episode badly. The understated episodes we had seen up to this point needed something to make them more than the sum of their parts. Between sensei taking control of the band and our MC finally growing a backbone, this show really got a kick in the butt from this episode. On a side note, I am detecting some yuri here. The possibility of a lesbian romance played straight and not for laughs or fan service would be awesome.

  1.  Nisekoi 2

Most of girls in Nisekoi fall for Raku hard, but he rarely seems like he deserves all that attention. His ability to figure out what Chitoge is really feeling, and more importantly, his willingness to do something to support her are the best reason the show has given us yet as to why a girl might develop feelings for him. Raku might be dense and clueless when it comes to romantic feelings, but he has the balls to stand up for his friends when they need him. This gives this bland harem protagonist a little more seasoning than his peers.


  1. Is it Wrong to Pick Up girls in a Dungeon?

I can’t tell if they are making fun of Bell’s misogyny or not, but the “I have to protect her because she’s a girl” shtick is getting old. I get the feeling that the show has something to say about this, but way every girl seems to fall for Bell combined with his annoying attitude towards women is giving me mixed messages. I have a feeling that what the message actually is going to seriously affect how I feel about this show.


  1.  Fate/Stay: UBW

Fate/Stay is becoming my new poster child for poor pacing. It’s hard to imagine a show knocking Attack on Titan out of that spot, but Fate is giving it a go. It finally looks like something will happen, but we have to wait until next episode. I was also annoyed with Rin reverting to stereotypical tsundere mode.

  1. Triage X

This was the weakest episode yet. This confirms me earlier hypothesis that the guy is the one that makes this show interesting. I hope they don’t decide to spend a lot of time on the one-dimensional girls. There just isn’t enough there, besides boobs of course, to keep things going.



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