Anime Power Rankings – Week 6 Spring 2015

  1. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too

Lying down in the bed you made. Having convinced Iroha to become student council president, Hachiman now feels obligated to both help her out and spare Yukino, who was more interested in doing the job than he realized, from having to assist her. Now, embroiled in corporate double speak and saddled with a president who agrees to everything, Hachiman is realizing just how much he needs the rest of the club. Even with a set up episode, the show continues to impress. I’m calling it now. This is the best show this season and I can’t wait to see where it wraps up.


  1. Sound! Euphonium

Sound! continues to gain speed and even an episode devoted mainly to gags still seemed fresh, even when many of the jokes didn’t. Honestly, just the payback line and the blush that followed was enough to sell me on this week’s episode. The show has been a pleasant surprise the last couple of weeks and I hope this continues.


  1. Yamada and the Seven Witches

The exact opposite of Sound! goofing off, Yamada and co. gave us an info dump with a few moments of brilliance and still managed to satisfy. Even with this rapid fire pace I am doubting that the show can wrap up the first arc in 12 episodes without seriously hurting the quality. This has to be getting a second season, but if it is, is this pace necessary? I certainly wouldn’t mind another season, this has turned into a solid adaptation of a good manga arc. (That slap tho! Urara has stolen best girl from Isla and is running away with it!)


  1. Plastic Memories

I’m waiting for this show to kick it into high gear and quit messing around. Isla and the show are both running out of time, and if they keep messing around instead of telling a compelling story they are going to waste all the goodwill with the viewers they have gained to this point. Get on with it. You’ve told us the poor girl is dying so quit wasting her and our time.


  1. Is it Wrong to Pick Up girls in a Dungeon?

Thankfully, someone finally called Bell out for his casual misogyny. The show felt very fatherly or perhaps very onii-san-esque this week. I liked it though. Contrived and stupid as it might have been in real life, it worked for me in anime form. Still, how the show handles Aiz Wallenstein will probably make or break it. Since next week’s show is named after her, I expect we will see how Bell and his crush get along sooner rather than later. I hope she stays a strong heroine and doesn’t turn to mush.


  1. Fate/Stay: UBW

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, the show finally spells out who Archer is.  The whole thing was a bit anti-climactic, but then the second half of Fate/Stay has been anti-climactic as well. Still, it was better than weeks 1-4, so I guess it has some momentum going for it.


  1. Nisekoi 2

The problem with Nisekoi this season is that the source material just isn’t very good. There was a considerable drop in quality in chapters 50-100 and the director is really going to have to transcend the manga’s limitations to make a quality show. Judging by the missed opportunity with Chitoge’s mom (hey-o!), I don’t really feel he’s up to it.


  1. Triage X

I would probably have dropped this show if it came out later in the week, but on Wednesday/Thursday I don’t really have much else to watch. This week we had some action, a lot of cleavage, and very little in the way of story. I reiterate my desire to see some character development here. I’m even willing to sacrifice some of the fan service or violence to get it at this point.


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