My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too – Episode 10

This episode was more than a little rushed, but it did a serviceable job. We have three more episodes to go and we are currently sitting at four chapters from volume 10 left and the completely unknown volume 11. I’m curious as to what they are wanting to get in so bad they were willing to drop so much from the shopping scene in this episode, but we will see eventually. I am apprehensive as to where this is going, in both the novels and in the anime.

General thoughts:

I feel for Hayato, who is still trying to keep everybody happy. In many ways, he is the anti-Hachiman, using his popularity to keep the status quo the way Hachiman used lack of popularity to do the same. Events are conspiring against him though. I think he will be the focus for the rest of the season. Calling it now, his mask will be the next to break.

Iroha, by virtue of her willingness to go after what she wants, is a serious contender for a romance with Hachiman. She seems to be warming to the idea and Hayato appears to think that she has already fallen for our protag, but doesn’t know it yet. Hachiman’s favorite person in the world is his little sister, and his cute junior gives off enough of a Komachi vibe to make her a very dangerous opponent for Yui and Yukino.

Yukino, Hachiman, and Yui make for a potent political team, which is why the former student council prez wanted them to take the job. Yui is the glue that keeps these two anti-social teens together. As romance blooms between Yukino and Hachiman, I expect the realization will be a crushing blow for her.

Haruno is remarkably unsubtle for a Japanese woman. She also seems to have Hayato wrapped around her finger. I wonder how long we will have to wait to find out why.

The train scene with Yukino was sweet. Once she has you, apparently, she won’t let you go.

Komachi playing cupid by skipping out on her brother, first for Yukino and then for Yui. Careful Komachi, you are going to get your brother burned if you aren’t careful.

Nick Creamer and Guy both do great write ups for each epsiode.  If you want even more discussion, check them out.


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