Sound! Euphonium – Episode 10

After pushing the other shows aside to focus on just the best two, one takes a nosedive into mediocrity. Nothing that happens in this week’s episode is particularly surprising, except for perhaps how predictable it was. This looks to be going for 24 episodes or cutting off at an extremely awkward point. This was the first time I have been disappointed in Sound! since week one.

General thoughts:

Reina has a crush on the music teacher. Well shit. This does not automatically undo all the hinting that Reina and Kumiko are going to be an item, but it does look like that was just some pandering now. Honestly, without that romantic element the show is fairly pedestrian, so I hope this wasn’t a bait and switch.  Hugging somebody in a culture that rarely shows physical affection and then telling that person you like someone else makes no sense. Really, this part of the episode made no sense to me and I am going to have to re-watch episode 8 to put things in context.  This is KyoAni, I knew there was not going to be some full blown lesbian make out scene.  I wasn’t looking for yuri because it would be titillating.  I was looking for it because it would be interesting, different, and frankly, because it was heavily hinted at.

Speaking of Sensei, he caves to gossip and is going to have the trumpet solo redone with the band picking their favorite by popular vote. Since one of the competitors is an upper classman with her own fan club, this seems seriously unfair to Reina. Perhaps Sensei is related to Jazz hands from My Teen Romantic Comedy since they share the same “somebody else please make this decision for me” leadership style. This seems like a lazy way to string out the audition drama. Come on guys, you can do better than this.  This isn’t really building drama, this is re-doing the drama you just did.  This is why I don’t like sports animes.

Way to show some class Natsuki. You and your scene were the highlight of the week.

Asuka-sempai is starting to get on my nerves. There is looking out for yourself and there is being self-centered. I have been OK with her up until this point, but if you are going to use your position as a reason not to say anything, you also have a responsibility to try and help with the problem itself.  Gives us some background on why she is the way she is or give us less of her.

The girl with the bow, I am not going to bother with her name, needs a good verbal thrashing. Asuka really should be the one to do it. The vice-president (or vice-anything) is usually the heavy. Unfortunately, it does not look like anybody but Reina is going to put her in her place. This is cheap drama and goes against the ensemble feeling they have had going up until this point.

Sapphire and Hazuki were pretty much absent this episode, this must not continue.

Overall, I am very frustrated with Sound! this week. They have reversed course on ground they already gained and I feel like the show is now in mediocre territory. They could dig themselves out next week, but this episode really lowered my confidence in this show.  The quality is there, if they decide to actually do something with it.


2 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium – Episode 10

  1. JekoJeko June 15, 2015 / 2:26 pm

    I think you’re frustrated because the show isn’t about romance; it’s a coming-of-age drama, and the multiple romantic sub-plots (two of which run parallel in Kumiko’s development) are only a part of that. People having issues with Plastic Memories are similar, except PM was more explicit about its sci-fi opportunities, while Hibike! has only gradually grown its romantic angle, making it hard in that respect.

    As for the Yuri issue, I blogged about that myself here: All I can say is that it’s clever, but if you want a simple push for homosexual relationships, you won’t be satisfied. Kyoani never does its teen dramas simply; just like many misunderstood the end of Hyouka, many are misunderstanding the progress of Hibike!, and it only further exemplifies where the show really shines.

  2. wellspokenman June 15, 2015 / 2:45 pm

    The yuri angle is part of it. I did find the two girl’s attraction to each other a compelling draw. I am not conviced, as some are, that the ship has sunk. It could just be adding more layers to the drama. My opinion of Sound! does hinge largely on where this romance angle goes. If it turns out that the author just wanted to fire up the doujin writers, it will hurt my opinion of the series. Leaving that aside, I do have other issues with this week.

    Sound! has won me over by being fresh and nuanced. A girl crushing on her teacher and that causing issues is definitely not fresh. Combined with the lazy idea of redoing the auditions, I thought the serie’s quality took a major hit this week. As I said, they can turn all that around in a single episode. There is still sexual tension between Reina and Kumiko, and the support characters are still very solid. Adressing the fact that the Taki-sensei has wronged Reina would be a good start. His insecurities caused her unneeded trouble. We will see. If they don’t address that issue, it will be hard to see this as a well thought out coming of age show.

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