A rant about cowards.

Sometimes something really good shows up on my reader. This is about wargaming, but it just as easily could be about anime. One of the sad things about both wargaming and anime is the number of people who can only relate to their fellow fans or gamers through insults. We catch enough crap from people outside our hobbies, so when I see it happening from fellow gamers and fans I find it really depressing. Anyway, here is my first reblog.

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Every now and again I get a message I have to have a good long think about.

Sometimes, it’s because I honestly don’t know the answer.

Sometimes it’s because I have a gut reaction and really want to say one thing, when I know something else is actually probably more appropriate, or constructive.

Every now and then I take some time and reflect because I’m MAD.

I’m not a particularly easy guy to rile up. As far as most things go, I’m willing to try to bridge both sides of an issue, try to understand the foundations of where opposing views come from and then make up my mind in an informed, rational way.

I received a message this week I had to sit on for a few days. For reasons of privacy, I won’t go into the details of it. Suffice it to say the person was asking…

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