Checking in

So, I’ve been ill in one way or another for about a month (yay).  However, I am almost out of the woods and had to make a quick post about what I am fanboying about right now.


or it will be in a about a year and a half.  A Kickstarter (that was funded in under an hour) is bringing the game back to the PC (and Mac).  Here is the link.  There’s lots of great stuff in there.  The creator of the original BattleTech game is on board, and so is the creator of the great Mech Commander games.  Also, they are using the nice Mechwarrior Online design updates and also nice is that this game has nothing to do with the Mechwarrior tactics or Mechwarrior online debacles past these pretty pictures.  I made a quick and dirty compilation of the mechs they plan to put in the game from the MW:O website.  (In case you didn’t notice the logo in each mech picture, these images belong to MW:O.

Mech Collection