Dusting Off the Old Blog

dust-monitoringSo, It’s been almost a year since my last sporadic posts.  In that time a lot has happened.  First of all, I don’t watch much Anime anymore.  The weekly anime reviews will not be coming back.  It’s not that I no longer like Anime, it’s just that I don’t have the time to view it on a regular basis.  I will try to finish my Top Anime reviews, and if anything seems deserving of a shout out (like Re: Zero, for example), I will try to squeeze in a write up.  What this blog will largely be about going forward is the table top war game Infinity.

One of the big changes in my life over the last year is that I have started playing Infinity on a regular basis.  I enjoy the game immensely, both for the challenge it provides and the community that surrounds it.  There isn’t too much in the way of tactica out there for the game, so I thought I’d add some.  There are a few quality podcasts and a couple of really good blogs, but nothing that covers my preferred faction, the Nomads.  For the foreseeable future, I will be focusing on just this faction.  That’s it for now.  Here are the podcasts and blogs I recommend.















One thought on “Dusting Off the Old Blog

  1. The Lonely Artichoke October 5, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    Thanks for the shoutout, Wellspokenman. I’ll have to give your blog a follow. I’ve given my Tohaa and PanO triple the addition my Nomads get. And I always dig on CS Lewis quotes.

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