Corregidor Unit Breakdowns – Heavy Infantry, Skirmishers, and Warbands


Corregidor Jurisdictional Command 

Here is the second part of my Corregidor unit breakdowns.  I’ll cover the TAGs at a later date after I get some more experience using them.  I’ll also do a post specifically on the Fireteam options and combined unit tactics at some point in the near future.

Heavy Infantry:


Brigadas are the Corregidor unit that I want to love.  I think the models are some of the best looking ones in the game, and I like the idea of just brute forcing my way across the board.  Unfortunately, Infinity doesn’t work that way.  I’ll admit that I’ ve struggled with these guys.  There’s a fine line between maximizing your armor and being suicidal, and since Brigadas don’t have any other special skills to fall back on other than their toughness, getting on that line is the only way to make them work.  Brigadas are disappointing compared to other factions HI, but let’s not focus on what we aren’t getting and instead look at what we have.  The three profiles that I think are worth taking outside the ridiculously expensive Full Link are the Hacker, the HMG, and the Boarding Shotgun (BSG).  Let’s start with the Hacker.  At 43 points she’s quite expensive, but she gives you a tough(ish), mobile specialist.  Her WIP isn’t great, but 2 wounds and the ability to boost her defenses make her very tough nut to crack through hacking.  The problem is that ARM 4 won’t hold up that well against heavy weapons or even a lot of Combi shots.  I might try her in a mini HQ style Link with a Tinbot and a HMG with a lot of repeater coverage at some point. That will keep her out of the line of fire and minimize her weaknesses.  The HMG is a HI HMG.  Nothing more really needs to be said.  Keep him in cover and probably in Suppressive Fire as well and it will require some effort for your opponent to take him out.  That leaves us with the BSG.  Buddy this guy up with a Jaguar or even Massacre and Rambo him around the board for a jolly good time.  He’ll die, as almost all Rambo units do, but at 33 points the orders your opponent has to use to get rid of him will almost certainly be worth the cost.  Just make sure that you don’t lose him to an ARO.  For maximum carnage get him in the Armory.  I have to point out that none of these seem to be really efficient options, but if you want to play these awesome models some sacrifices have to be made.



Leaving everything else aside the important thing is Bandits are fun.  Scavenger rarely ends up being useful, but when it does it feels so satisfying.  Camo infiltrating specialists are quite good, and my primary use for Bandits is to grab objectives early in the game.  At WIP 12, they aren’t amazing at this, but being able to deploy right next to the objective makes up for it. Even if it requires a couple of attempts to secure the objective, you still saved all the orders required to move there.   I primarily use the Killer Hacker (KHD) and Forward Observer (FO) profiles, but a case can be made for the Boarding Shotgun, Deployable Repeater, and Assault Hacker profiles as well.  The KHD is my favorite.  Surprise shot and the bonuses given by many KHD programs help mitigate the Bandit’s lower WIP although at the cost of not being able to accomplish the objective requiring Spotlight.  Bandits should be used aggressively, making use of Camo and Stealth.  Most opponents will hold their ARO because they (rightly) fear taking an unopposed shot.  You can use this to your advantage though.  Move-move until you are within the shotgun’s 8″ sweet spot or close in for a CC kill.  Against a non-MSV opponent, a Surprise shot from cover will put them at a  -9 MOD.  Bandits are also good for baiting someone out of Suppressive Fire.  Bandits give you a measure of board control and combined with a Moran can help give you the defensive barrier that so many CJC units need to shine.

Note: Here are some interesting suggestions from the forums on how to use Bandits


I resisted using Morans for a long time because I didn’t like the sculpts.  That was a mistake, for a couple of reasons.  One, Spektrs make great proxies, and two, Corregidor units, with a couple of exceptions, are pretty crunchy and want to engage the enemy at range.  Morans and their Crazy Koalas give you a way to keep your opponent out of your face or even to protect yourself from AD troops coming in from the edge.  They also give you the opportunity to place a repeater anywhere in your half of the board.  This is a really big deal.  There are a couple of catches here though.  Those Koalas will only work if they’ve been placed on Standby or if the controller is still conscious.  This means that you’ll likely need to deploy your Morans prone, preferably somewhere difficult to reach (like a rooftop).  A couple of things to remember, you can place your Koalas on standby using a Coordinated Order (particularly useful if you have brought a Lunokhod as well), and you can place them on Standby in ARO.  Placing Koalas deserves a larger discussion then I will give it here, but if placed properly your opponent will either have to sacrifice something to set it off or will have to spend extra orders unpicking lock that you’ve made in the middle of the board.  Either way you’ve made good use of the measly 20-22pts the Moran cost you.  As for the repeaters, that can be huge too.  A well placed repeater can cover an objective or provide support to a Gecko that you want to move into the middle of the board.  I rarely leave a Moran out of my lists anymore.



How can you not love these guys.  In a sectorial that can make such good use of smoke these guys are a steal at 10-13pts.  Smoke, Martial Arts, some nice CC options, and Dogged make these guys quite useful on their own, but they pair really well with Intruders.  They can also be used to cover AD troops coming in from the table edge, or to help get an ARO piece into position.  The Panzerfaust/Adhesive Launcher doesn’t have smoke and isn’t great outside of a link.  The Light Shotgun doesn’t usually add to much either, but I’ve had the E/M Close Combat Weapon take out a Raicho before.  The range is useful in a link and  you have 3 points to spare you might as well throw it in.  The Chain Rifle profile is my go to guy.  Jags generally aren’t there to kill things unless something has gone wrong, and there are times where you just need the auto hit the template provides.

Warband Characters:

mcm(Not available in Vanilla)

McMurder either wrecks absolute havoc or dies very quickly.  Either way he’s worth taking.  I’ve talked a couple of times now about how Corregidor can be vulnerable to a lot of direct pressure.  Well, it turns out that the best defense really can be a good offense.  McMurrough gives your opponent a threat he has to deal with.  He’ll likely spend several orders on his first turn trying to kill this guy, and that means that he won’t be using those orders to shred your Alguaciles or Wildcats.  With two wounds, a Dodge that succeeds on a 16, and the ability to through smoke at his feet on a 19, he’s fairly difficult to kill.  If your opponent makes the mistake of ignoring him, then run him into his backfield and use the dual Chain Rifles, Grenades, and beastly CC ability to take models out.  Don’t sweat it if you run into camo tokens, it turns out McMurder is pretty good at intuitive attacks.  Also, don’t be afraid to throw smoke and follow it up with a speculative grenade.  Inside 8″ he’ll be hitting on a 13.  Remember that he can’t use cover and try to make sure that he ends up nice and close to an enemy model so he can use his 4″ engage range.  My favorite thing by far to do with McMurrough is to run him up a flank.  Once my opponent successfully brings him down, I drop in a Tomcat doc to bring him back on a 13 with a Medikit.  I’ve even brought him back with an Alguacile Paramedic before to get an objective.

sm(Not available in Vanilla)

This is the new hotness.  Almost as if they timed it to coincide with the movie, HSN3 has elevated “totally not Deadpool” to full on Infinity rockstar.  On his own Mr. Massacre is overshadowed a bit by McMurrough.  He lacks the impetuous order and only has 4-4 movement and one wound.  His Eclipse grenades are nice, but his more reasonable PH makes them a little less of a lock.  In a link however, he really shines.  I generally feel that the Boarding Shotgun is the superior choice, but against opponents with low BTS the Breaker Combi is a decent option.  It also allows you to place the good señor in Suppressive Fire.  Regardless of what weapon or whether you use him with or without a link, deployment is key.  Killing Massacre is going to be a priority for your opponent, so you want to get the most out of him as soon as possible.  He also eats orders like they are chimichangas, so in order to make sure he has enough orders to kill his targets try to keep him closer to the center of the board.  If you put him on a flank and your opponent drops a reserve model that absolutely must die, your going to have a hard time.  Remember that he only has one wound, so don’t get reckless with him.  Regeneration is a nice gimmick, but it shouldn’t be counted on (although it does gives him shock immunity).  His Eclipse grenades and E/M weaponry make him a great TAG counter as well as a headhunter.  I talk more about the Jaguar link later, but it’s so cheap and so good that  a little repetition is acceptable.  He has a nice synergy with the Jaguars and together they make a dangerous stealthy smokefest.  This is your kill team and it can take out the most dangerous pieces your opponent has provided you give it enough orders.   It does take some finesse to use the smoke mechanic effectively, and your targets have to be chosen carefully when you have to get that close.  However, when used properly it will make you feel sorry for your opponent as he helplessly removes models from the table.  The link is also remarkably resilient, if only for one turn, as the Jags get effectively two wounds due to Dogged.  This makes it difficult to pick apart the link team to strip the bonuses.  It also means that you can take some risks in the active turn knowing your link won’t come apart from one wound.  This is my favorite thing to run at the moment.  It’s so good, so cheap, and so deadly that it’s hard to pass up.


One thought on “Corregidor Unit Breakdowns – Heavy Infantry, Skirmishers, and Warbands

  1. Gerardo Gonzalez October 5, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Mobile Brigada with Multi Rifle is also a good option, could be very helpful with his LFT and the option of choosing different ammo gives the enough flexibility for different situations.

    The Bandit with E/Mauler could also be a good pain in the **s for the HI lists.

    I have never used McMurrough, more because I don’t have a miniature for him than other things but in the case of “really I’m not Deadpool” he is very very very fun and effective. Nightmare for the enemies. The Eclipse grenades makes you avoid the typicall sniper until you’re on range for an answer or on a decent cover (or no angle of vision), and as you said, on a Link Team of Jaguares is a nightmare for the enemy.

    Nice article, keep going!

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