Too Many Secrets

Highly Classified
We are all blind until we actually draw the cards, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some planning.

Done at last.  Here is the final Twinfinity mission breakdown, Highly Classified

Mission Introduction

The mission everybody loves to hate is a great exercise in list building.  How many contingencies can you cover and still be effective?  There are 10 classified objectives and you’ll be trying to achieve 5 of them, drawn at random.  This means you’ll need a good array of Specialists.


After shuffling, each player draws two Classifieds from the Classified deck.  After redrawing any repeated cards, these 4 missions are open information and become the Main Objectives.  A player gets 1 point for each Main Objective completed and gets 4 points for accomplishing more Mains than their opponent or 2 points for getting the same (provided your opponent has at least 1).  There is 1 secondary Classified Objective worth 2 points (this one is private information).  It is entirely possible to have an 8-8 tie on this mission.

Other Rules

Deployment is the 12 inch standard, with no exclusion zones.  Neither Baggage nor Intelcom are used, but Retreat is in play.  So don’t get caught up in killing and neglect pushing buttons because you might lose a turn.

Going First or Second

There is something to be said about both here.  Going first can let you grab the Main Classified points and concentrate on playing defensive.  Going second lets you go into the last turn, if you get one, knowing exactly what you have to do to win.

Need to Know

Of the 10 classifieds only one, Extreme Prejudice, can be done by any Troop.  One more, Sabotage, can be done by any Troop with D-charges.  The rest all require someone specific.  A Hacker or Assault Hacker can accomplish 4 (Data Scan, Telemetry, HVT: Espionage, & HVT: Designation), the other types of Hacker can accomplish 2 (Data Scan & HVT: Espionage), a Forward Observer can accomplish 2 (Telemetry & HVT: Designation), an Engineer can accomplish 2 (Test Run & HVT: Retroengineering), and a Doctor/Paramedic can accomplish 2 (Experimental Drug and HVT: Inoculation).  Your classified can be swapped out for Secure HVT (which you’ll probably need to get to anyway), but none of the primary objectives can.  So it is best to cover as many bases as possible.

Your Special Person

It’s worth noting that for 3 classifieds your Specialist need to either have the enemy HVT within their Zone of Control (not hacking area) or be in base contact.  Since the Secondary Classified  can be swapped with Secure HVT as well, the HVT is more important in this mission than any other.  If one or more of those three classifieds are Main Objectives, where you place your HVT is going have a big impact on the game.  You’ll want to place the your HVT where it won’t be easy to get to.  You’ll also want to put ARO pieces covering the approaches as best you can.

Last Picked for Kickball

Something to remember when making your list is that not all specialists are created equal. Obviously a Hacker/Assault Hacker is the most useful Specialist here, and all factions have access to at least one now, because of the Alive Crew.  A Forward Observer can be skipped if you’ve taken the hacking option, but they are pretty numerous and usually cheap, so it doesn’t hurt to take one anyway.  Engineers often have D-charges, meaning they can accomplish 3 objectives.  However, the Engineer needs units with Structure to be in your list (and your opponent has to cooperate by taking them down) so they can accomplish Test Run.  Killer/Defensive Hackers and Doctors are both pretty bare bones as Specialists go, with each being able to accomplish 2.  Paramedics should have no problem with HVT: Inoculation, but need a bit of luck to get Experimental Drug. This means they are the least useful of the group.  Taking anything less than the ability to accomplish all 10 objectives is risky.  Since each Specialist type covers at least two, a bad draw would reduce your max score to 8, and make those 4 points for having more Mains very difficult to get.  If 2 of the Main objectives are unattainable for you, then you’ll need to score yours and limit your opponent to one.  That’s definitely playing on hard mode.


Since the Main Objectives are open information, there are some simple things you can do to make things difficult for your opponent.  Is Test Run one of the Mains?  Then you might rethink putting rounds into that 8 point Sniffer bot.  Are they going for Experimental Drug? Then double tap Unconscious Troops or use Shock ammo.  On the other hand, be aware that you are vulnerable to these same tactics.  When selecting a unit with Structure for your list, pick one that will be difficult to ignore.  Try to keep units in places where they will be behind cover if they fall unconscious.  Try to avoid letting models fall unconscious in your opponent’s lap.  3 of the Classifieds (Data Scan, Telemetry, and Extreme Prejudice) can be performed on Unconscious enemy models.  If you Rambo a unit up to their Deployment Zone and it falls you might have given them a gift.

The Power of Positive Tactics

Be careful not to prioritize denying your opponent over trying to accomplish your own objectives.  This type of negative play does not make for a particularly enjoyable game for either player and leaves little margin for error.  It is best (and more enjoyable) to try to score your own points and play defensively within that context.  Remember that you only get points for a tie on the Main Objectives if each player has at least one.  It is also worth remembering that killing is not necessary to win this mission.  So keep your priorities straight.

  1. Accomplish Classifieds
  2. Deny Classifieds to your opponent.



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