Vanilla Nomad Tactica (Work in Progress)


I’ve been playing Infinity pretty regularly since January 2016.  I am by no means an expert, but I do try to get in a game a week.  I’ve also played in a handful of tournaments.  These are my thoughts.  There are plenty of people more knowledgeable than me.  However, Nomad focused articles are few and far between from what I’ve seen.  I figured I might as well share what I think.  I will do articles on the main page in sections while the complete Vanilla Nomad tatica is a work in progress here.

nomadVanilla Nomads

Light Infantry:


These are the baddest hackers in the game.  WIP15 and BTS9 make Interventors as difficult a hacking target as their is in the game without Deflector.  However, Interventors have the martial skills of a basic line troop.  In their element though, there are no equals.  Inteventors come with a few different profiles that are interesting.  There are two basic flavors:

Hacking Device Plus comes with Boarding Shotgun and Combi Rifle options, as well the ability to take a Fast Panda.  This version also has a LT model, which can be really useful provided you can keep them alive.  The Hacking Device Plus brings a lot to the table.  Cybermask can be useful for hiding your LT or grabbing a late game objective.  White Noise is a huge pain to enemy MSV troops.  Oblivion, Breakwater, and Sucker Punch are all very useful as well.  In addition to these, you get all the programs available to the regular hacking device.

Killer Hacking Device comes with the Fast Panda standard and only comes with a Boarding Shotgun.  This model scares the bejesus out of hackers.  By using the Lightning upgrade through the Fast Panda, you can put them at -9 to hack back and buff your BTS to 12.  If you want to save the Fast Panda you can use Cybermask first and then use surprise shot to get -9 this is slightly better, as it works on Killer Hackers as well as other hackers.