Site Updated

I have done some remodeling. The Top Anime section has been revamped with more info on the titles and a nod to the creative talent behind my favorite works. I also plan to expand the section past ten titles, but I will wait until I have finished reviews for all of the animes currently listed. The On the Tabletop section now has a little more info on my models and wargaming interests. I am open to suggestions for expanding (or contracting) the anime for beginners section. I have considered a page compiling a list of anime (or western Sci-fi/Fantasy) reviewer buzzwords like generic, self-insert, and other quasi-critical nonsense that lazy minds use instead of genuine critique, but I might save that for my next rant. I just have to wait until I am frustrated enough to write out a somewhat incoherent outburst as to why anime (or any geek media) reviewers seem incapable of critiquing a show and not its audience.


On an unrelated note, I would like to make some recommendations:

The “Encyclopedia of Anime 3rd Edition” for anyone who has more than a passing relationship with anime and manga. The Kindle version is $13-14, which is a steal. The book is full of useful and interesting info and, occasionally, acerbic wit (the authors are from England after all). The historical stuff alone is well worth $13.

I also cautiously recommend the ANNcast podcast. Zac Bertschy is a good interviewer, and the shows where he challenges industry insiders are informative and entertaining. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the stream of consciousness shows where he and Justin Sevakis wander from topic to topic, generally avoiding anime altogether. They both have a world-weariness to their anime discussions, coming off as if the meat grinder of the anime industry has worn them down and they can barely stand to watch a show anymore. That is a shame, as there is a ton of anime knowledge between the two of them that they just can’t seem to relate without sounding sick of it all. The interviews are where it’s at though. Check them out.

The Anime News Network (ANN) is a website that, while some of their reviewers are guilty of my lazy critique pet peeve, does give some interesting perspective on currently running shows and of course, gives you the latest anime news. The interface can be a bit wonky, but there really isn’t anything like it that I have found. MyAnimeList and Crunchyroll both offer some of the same info, but ANN has become my go to website for anime related content. As always, beware of the forums, here be dragons.

On the miniatures front, Wyrd Miniatures, the creators behind the excellent skirmish game Malifaux, are offering a free limited edition miniature to anyone who spends $60 on their products at the local game store. Details are on their website. In addition, Wyrd has been putting out a audio drama podcast called the Breachside Broadcast. It is worth checking out if you have some free time, since free fluff is (almost) always a good thing.


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